Hey babes!

You’ve been asking me a bunch about whether or not I’m ever going to speak on my YouTube channel (LOL), so I wanted to make a vlog video about my first few days in Tokyo, Japan! Just an FYI - I don’t show much of the sight-seeing or shopping I did (this is mostly a talk-through video), but I will be making a Tokyo travel diary video (once I have footage of the entire trip) to post on my channel as well. Hopefully you enjoy this travel vlog (as I know I don’t talk that much on my channel to begin with), but since this was highly-requested - I figured I would make it for you all. Enjoy!

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xx Audrie

Shinagawa Ward
Shibuya Ward
Shibuya Crossing
Harajuku Station
Takeshita Street
Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden
Pokemon Center