Hi everyone!

Since you all seemed to love the last DIY project I did on the DIY Crescent Moon Dreamcatcher, I thought I would make another tutorial on how to make barefoot sandals. I’ve shared a few photos of some other DIY barefoot sandals that I’ve made on my Instagram @AudrieStorme, and with Coachella coming up, I thought this would be a fun little festival-inspired do-it-yourself project. Even if you aren’t going to Coachella, I think this DIY also makes for a nice accessory to wear at a bohemian wedding or a fun day laying out at the beach or if you just like to dress up your bare feet when hanging around the house (like me). Whatever the reason, I love having these as a part of my jewelry/shoe collection and I hope you will too!

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1.5mm Elastic Bead Cord in Metallic Silver (1 yard per sandal)
Wooden Beads in Turquoise and Brown (or any other beads you might like)

✖ With the elastic bead cord, tie a knotted loop halfway between both ends.
✖ Starting with one end, thread beads along the cord (do this however you like - I alternated between colors and stopped at about twenty five beads).
✖ Repeat along the other end.
✖ Once you’re finished threading, hook the loop around your pointer toe and make a double knot where your beads meet.
✖ Wrap the excess cord around your ankle and tie at the back.
…and you’re done!


xx Audrie