After a whole week in Tokyo, it's safe to say that I'm bitten by the travel bug. It's only been a few days back in California, but I'm already ready for the next adventure. While I've posted quite a few of these photos on my Instagram, I also wanted to put together a little blog post including all the ones I haven't posted yet. Tokyo truly is one of my favorite places to visit, so here are some of my favorite photos that Raleigh and I snapped while we were there:


Our first night in Tokyo - straight from the airport - the struggle was real.


Shopping and taking in the sights at Shibuya crossing.



The morning view from our hotel room.

Always dragging Raleigh somewhere - this time in the Takashimaya Times Square.

IMG_2050 (1).jpg

Looking up at all the beautiful flowers in the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden.


Stopping for a little PDA in the park.

Tokyo sunsets aren't all that bad.


Enjoying a few new purchases the morning before another day full of sightseeing.

Getting lost on the streets was a regular occurrence on our trip - hence the RBF.


The most incredible sushi I've ever tasted at a place I couldn't pronounce the name of.


It seemed as if the city never slept.

The Military latte at Streamer Coffee Company.

IMG_2155 (1).jpg

Espresso, milk, and matcha green tea.



This backpack was pretty much my life the entire trip - kept my money and passport safe from the rain and any possible weirdos.

One of my favorite buildings - not for the architecture - but for all the clothes inside.

Socks and sandals are a thing in Tokyo. Here's me trying to pull it off.

Just off the train at Ueno Station. An attempt to look for the zoo.

Ice cream break! Raleigh got boring vanilla, while I got the matcha flavor.

You can't see him - but I was looking in on a huge brown bear.

Leading Raleigh into a little bargain hunting over on Ameyayokocho Street.


Here's a silly selfie while enjoying dinner at the Robot Restaurant.

At first, the train was the most confusing thing to me. After a few days, it became a lot easier.

Since it was one of the recommended places to visit, we had to stop by and see the Meiji Shrine.

I felt really awkward taking photos too close to the shrine, so we decided a selfeet was appropriate.

Here's me staring in awe, because these barrels are all filled with sake.

Whipping my hair back and forth, since we found a beautiful garden near the shrine.

IMG_2266 (1).jpg

It was so peaceful, it reminded me of being on the beach at home.


Cheers to the most delicious piece of cake at Hoshino Coffee in Harajuku; this was our last dessert before heading off to the airport to go back home. Hoping to visit again soon!

xx Audrie