After eight long years of having waist-length hair, I slowly made my way over to the bob side and never want to look back. While I usually wear my hair in beachy waves, courtesy of the Huntington State Beach, every now and then I like to take advantage of my blunt haircut and opt for a sleeker hairstyle. When I got my hands on the T3 Single Pass 2 1" Straigtening & Styling Iron, I couldn't wait to test it out since my previous flat iron was half a decade old and was way too wide for my shorter hair. Since the directions are pretty self-explanatory, I just wanted to share a few beauty tips I swear by while trying to get my hair stick-straight.

Pictured below: Living Proof No Frizz Styling Treatment, T3 Single Pass 2 1" Straigtening & Styling Iron, 2 Sectioning Clips (Included with Flat Iron)


1. Start off with clean, dry hair to get the most out of this look. I usually wash mine the night before and add dry shampoo the next day so my super-straight locks last as long as possible.


2. Brush out any tangles to minimize the amount of times you have to run your flat iron over each section (tangled hair = thicker sections = longer amount of time it takes for heat to smooth out hair).


3. Protect against damage with a heat protectant. ALWAYS.


4. Section off hair for easier styling. Straightening smaller pieces at a time rather than tackling the whole head of hair all at once quickens the process.


5. Slighty curving the iron inward along the front sections helps to frame your face better.


6. Finished!


While it didn't straighten each hair section in a single pass like advertised (I have really thick hair), it did take less than half the time it usually takes me since it heats up almost immediately and evenly across the plates. I also loved how quick and easy it was to use with the 360° swivel cord and sectioning clips it comes with. Definitely recommending this if you have short hair like me - it's very lightweight and simple to maneuver since it's only a 1" barrel. End result? Shiny, sleek hair in less than five minutes. This tool is definitely replacing my old one - sorry, babe!


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xx Audrie