I'm not into the "New Year, New Me" thing. Never have been. Making yourself a promise to throw away everything you were before and become this entirely different person - now why would you want to do that?

Last year was probably the craziest, most unreal year of my life. I made a ton of sacrifices, tried new things, cut out toxic habits, But the best and scariest thing that I ever did in 2015 was realizing what I wanted out of life, and letting myself have it.

Clichés are clichés for a reason. The biggest one being? Life is short. (Or YOLO - whatever floats your boat). So while the "New Year, New Me" mentality is usually something to poke fun at, how about focusing on what it's supposed to represent:

Another year has passed. Are you the person you want to be? Have you accomplished everything you've dreamed about? Is everything you're doing right now bringing you closer to becoming the best version of yourself? 

If the answer is no, it's time to make some changes. Life will not always give you everything you want. But it's up to you to ask.

Happy New Year, loves.

xx Audrie

Sunglasses & Cardigan: Forever 21 // Necklace: Brandy Melville // Dress: Wonderland Honolulu // Shoes: Dr. Martens