I've been getting a ton of questions about how I make my dreamcatchers - so I thought I would film a tutorial on the crescent moon one. Enjoy!

Metal Ring - 6”
Yarn - About a yard
Paper Cord (Or Jute/Hemp Cord) - About 2 yards

1. Tie a knotted loop around the metal ring with one end of your yarn (this will be the loop that your dreamcatcher hangs from).
2. Take the longer end of the yarn and start wrapping that around the metal ring. Stop once you’ve reached a little more than halfway around and double knot the end. Cut off any excess.
3. With your cord, double knot one end at the top of your dreamcatcher (at your hanging point - where the "yarn side” meets the metal ring).
4.  With the yarn side on your right, take the end of your cord and loop it over the metal ring (about 1-1.5” away from your starting point). Pull the end over and through the loop. Continue creating loops (the same 1-1.5” away from one another) until you reach the end of the yarn.
5. Repeat the same loop where your yarn ends and then flip the entire ring over to do the same - this time along the loops you have already created (instead of along the metal ring).
6. Continue this process about five or six times - or until you’re happy with the way it looks. Double knot the end and cut off any excess.
7. With your ribbon, measure out how long you want the ribbons to hang. Whatever you measure out, double that amount. I cut off about eight pieces each.
8.  With the ribbon folded in half, wrap both ends around the bottom of your dreamcatcher and pull through until it creates a knot. Repeat with each piece of ribbon until full.
…and you’re done! Good luck!

xx Audrie