I've been getting a bunch of requests to do an updated video on how I edit my Instagram pictures lately, and I just wanted to do a little blog post about it instead for two reasons:
       1. If I were to make a video on how I edit my Instagram pictures, it would look and be shot the exact same way that I have already uploaded.
       2. My editing is exactly the same as is in the video (same apps, same settings - everything is the exact same, which you can watch here:

However, when I respond to your comments and messages, a lot of you babes seem to think that's not true :P, so I thought I would do a little side-by-side comparison and answer a couple of FAQ's:

What apps do you use for your Instagram photos?
Lightroom and VSCO.

What filter do you use?
No filter - I just play with the clarity, saturation and tint in Lightroom and then add the Fade tool in VSCO.

Can you make an updated video on how you edit your Instagram photos?
I won't be making a video, as the video that I currently have up on my YouTube features the exact same settings I use.

The video you have posted doesn't look the same as your current feed - why?
When I made that video 8 months ago, I had only been using that camera (the Canon Rebel T5) for about 6 months. Truthfully, I knew little to nothing about how to use it, relied on the automatic settings (I think I used to use the Sports setting ha ha), and shot in high quality JPG for every single picture. Now, I shoot everything manually (manual setting, manual focus, manual ISO speed, manual f-number, manual AEB setting, plus now I shoot RAW instead of JPG) - and that makes a huge difference!

Also, I still lived in Texas when I made that video, which at the time, I hadn't really found out what my aesthetic/personal style was (my hair was pink and my style was very grunge-y). Today, I like to incorporate a lot of shadows/light play, stick to the relatively same color palette, and love that comfortable Californian bohemian look with a little bit of an edge.

Lastly, because my feed is very "dark and moody," that's the way I try to shoot my photos from the get go: very dark with very little exposure, as shown here:

Not Edited:




Not Edited:



Not Edited:


Honestly, not very much editing goes on BTS as you can see! Sometimes I will have to change the temperature, if the photo comes out a little too warm or too cool for my taste - but that really depends on the photo. So hopefully this helps, and if any of you have any questions, please feel free to ask!


xx Audrie