I have a confession to make: I'm not a hair person.

My entire life I've always gotten a ton of compliments on my hair. However, this has always come as a surprise to me - seeing as how I'm the type of girl to get a haircut once every few years and head over to Sally's Beauty Supply for Manic Panic whenever I get the itch to change my hair color. Truth be told, it isn't laziness that has reduced me to my low maintenance routine. After years and years of bad haircuts and muddy orange locks, I felt obligated to keep my mane as far away from any hair salon I came into contact with. So you can imagine my skepticism when Tiffany from Union Salon South in Pasadena reached out to me, wanting to touch up my brassy blonde bob.

I slowly made the transition to blonde on my own this year, adding in balayage highlights every month or so, until my whole head was a golden blonde. Unfortunately (since I'm obviously no professional), I had applied the DIY bleach concoction I mixed up too far up my head and was sporting some insanely bad roots. To say that Tiffany fixed my mistake would be a massive understatement.


As you can see here, my color was starting to look pretty flat - so Tiffany started off by adding in some more highlights for a bit more contrast.

While I don't have that much experience at the hair salon, she worked really quickly - but I also felt like she knew exactly what she was doing. In previous sessions with other colorists, they tended to apply - wait - and then rinse and dry; but Tiffany seemed to understand the processing time (and was sweet enough to explain it to me) and washed out portions of my hair that didn't need to keep the lightener in longer than necessary.

Once all the highlights were applied, she had me wait about half and hour and then removed all the leftover foils to rinse and dry.

Wanting to add even more dimension and give me a smoother transition (since my natural hair color is pretty much black), she then applied an ashy dark blonde/brown to my roots to process for another half hour before rinsing.

After that came shampooing, and then she added something that smelled like absolute heaven to better absorb the toner she was going to use on me.

Once the toner was applied, we waited around ten to fifteen minutes before rinsing.

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Since Tiffany is pretty much the sweetest person alive, she also trimmed and styled my hair before sending me on my way.

And voilĂ ! Huge huge thank you to Tiffany for turning me into a silky ashy blonde. I couldn't believe how much better my hair felt afterward (especially considering she lightened it), and I can't praise her mad coloring skills enough.

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xx Audrie 

Hair Colorist & Stylist: Tiffany Bernard @tiffygotsthis