Any one who knows me well knows that I'm just not that into liquor or beer. But wine? TOTALLY different story. Especially sparkling, sweet wine. While I try not to indulge in too much, I usually can never say no to a glass of moscato while out to dinner or when given a bottle as a gift. So when Stella Rosa offered to send me a few bottles to #stellabrate with (with my husband) for Valentine's Day, I was only too happy to accept. The brand was actually kind enough to send me several bottles over the holiday season just a few months ago as well (which me, my family & friends polished off within a couple of days), and I've been a fan ever since.

Since Valentine's Day is all about love & gifting sweets, I thought I would put together three simple & sweet drink recipes (that I personally love) for you to enjoy for the holiday. The bottles I used in my recipes are definitely on the sweet side of the wine spectrum, so you might want to hold off on the chocolate. Or you could not - V-day is all about indulgence right? Let's get into the recipes:

Honey, I'm Home
(Just a little disclaimer: there is a version of this by Stella Rosa already, but I swapped out the raspberries in their version for strawberries in mine - 'cause I like 'em better.)


Strawberry slices
Stella Rosa Moscato D'asti
A bit of honey
Garnish with a lemon

1. Slice up some strawberries & place them into a flute glass.

2. Drizzle a bit of honey onto the strawberries (to taste).

3. Fill up your glass with some Stella Rosa Mocato D'asti.

4. Garnish with a lemon wedge.

5. Enjoy!

I Love You Berry Much
(Pretty much my version of a red wine spritzer - dangerously easy to make.)

Stella Rosa Red
Sparkling water

1. Add ice into a standard red wine glass.

2. Add blueberries, raspberries & blackberries.

3. Fill up your glasses to about 3/4 with some Stella Rosa Red.

4. Top off with sparkling water.

5. Enjoy!

Little Black By The Book Sangria
('Cause really, who can say no to sangria?!)


Stella Rosa Black
Orange juice
Sparkling water


1. Slice up and add all of your fruit into a carafe (or any large pitcher or mason jar).

2. Fill up your carafe to about 3/4 with some Stella Rosa Black.

3. Add a splash of orange juice.

4. Top off with sparking water.


5. Let it sit for about a day in the fridge - or you could totally just pour it into some tumbler glasses & drink right away (like I did).


And those are my recipes! I made these drinks with my husband (while he was snapping photos for this blog post), and we honestly had the best time trying these out and tasting these together. Afterwards, we just kicked back on the couch and enjoyed some Netflix. If that ends up being our game plan for Valentine's Day this year, I would no doubt be down for it. However, if you're planning on a more romantic dinner date or closer to a Valentine's Day type of event - I definitely think these recipes could still apply. If you try these out, I really hope you enjoy these Stella Rosa wine recipes as much as I did & don't forget to drink responsibly!

xx Audrie

Also huge thank you to StellaRosaWines.com for sponsoring this post!