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Another day, another DIY! If you follow me on Instagram @AudrieStorme, then you probably know that making my own bohemian-inspired home decor is one of my favorite things to do. Macrame planters or macrame plant hangers can be pretty pricy when bought off of Etsy or Anthropologie, so I wanted to share my own DIY macrame plant hanger tutorial similar to an Urban Outfitters blog post found here: Whether you love boho decor like I do or are in need of a spring or summer gift for a friend, these macrame plant hangers are super cute, inexpensive and pretty easy to make with a little bit of patience.

Craft Cord
2” Metal Ring

✖ Cut four identical pieces of craft cord, about 7 ft. long each.
✖ Gathering the cords, loop through the metal ring.
✖ With the metal ring in the center of the cords, make a knot just underneath the metal ring.
✖ Section off the cords by pairing them off (four pairs in total).
✖ Starting with one pair of cords, make a knot a few inches below the metal ring.
✖ Repeat with each pair, making sure that the knots line up with one another.
✖ Once again, section off the cords into pairs, this time leaving out the end pieces of cord.
✖ Again, with each pair, make a knot a few inches below that first row of knots.
✖ Once the second row of knots is finished, gather the two ends pieces and knot those together to line up with that row of knots.
✖ Repeat the same sectioning and pairing process by leaving out the two end pieces, knotting each pair to create a third row knots.
✖ Continue on for as long as you’d like your macrame planter to be.
✖ To finish the macrame plant hanger, simply knot all of the cords together.
✖ Put your potted plants into the bottom of the macrame planter and hang up in your room, backyard, or wherever you’d like!
Hope you enjoyed this bohemian-inspired DIY tutorial on how to make a macrame plant holder as much as I enjoyed making it. Until next time!

xx Audrie