Since it's the first day of fall and all, I'm celebrating with fringe and a brand spankin' new blog. I've never been one for long introductions, so here's five quick facts about me:

1. I'm originally from the Bay Area in Northern California (and no, I don't get hyphy). After high school I made my way down to UC Irvine for college, spent a year working in Dallas, Texas, and now I'm living in sunny Orange County, California with my photographer and boyfriend, Raleigh Wilson, as a content creator, YouTube partner, and now (drumroll, please) blogger.

2. Instagram is an unhealthy obession of mine and I've been active as a fashion/lifestyle 'grammer for about a year now. With my incessant posting and addiction for having a consistent yet dynamic theme/feed, I couldn't help but grow frustrated with the extensive number of pictures I ended up not posting. Hence, the creation of my blog.

3. A few months after I started posting daily #OOTD's on Insta, I started up a YouTube channel for outfit of the day videos, lookbooks, etc. Taking a stab at filming and video editing has brought me to the realization that any person in the film industry is inhumanly talented - that sh*t's hard work!

4. Warning: Huge cliché statement incoming. I've always loved fashion. Unoriginal, but true. You can find me hardcore thrifting for $3 dresses at Salvation Army or strollin' around the mall's visual merchandising displays for inspo on a daily basis. I wouldn't categorize my personal style into a specific genre - I wear what I like to wear. Sometimes that may be androgynous minimalist, other days it's more 90's grunge, and when feel like it, it can be beachy bohemian. Though whenever I'm discussing fashion with anyone, everyone seems to use a recurring word in regards to my personal style: EDGY. (I can dig it.)

5. Last of all, social media has allowed me so many amazing opportunities and experiences - most importantly, the ability to meet new people and share ideas, dreams and goals. When others tell me I inspire them with just an Instagram post or YouTube video, it honestly feels a little silly - but also very empowering. So, here's to hoping that with the start of this blog, that I can continue inspire others.

xx Audrie

Fringe Jacket: 2020AVE // Tank: Negative Underwear // Bottoms: PPLA Clothing // Shoes: ASOS // Sunglasses: Tobi // Necklace: DIY