Believe it or not, I get down on myself a lot of the time. The world of social media is such a small part of my actual life, and while I'm glad to share that part with all of you, there is so much more that you don't see. I have big dreams, yes. But I also have big fears. Big questions. Big failures.

I started all of this - the styling, taking Instagram photos, filming YouTube videos, writing blog posts - to keep myself sane. To inspire myself. To challenge and push my creative abilities (because I never really thought of myself as a "creative" before). To create something that I could look back on in ten, fifteen, fifty years - and be proud that I put myself out there and shared a small part of me with the world. It has always been to inspire myself.

So you can imagine how grateful - how thankful I am - that some of you tell me that I inspire you. If there's anything I'm thankful for, it's for all of you.

Happy Thanksgiving week, you beautiful souls.

xx Audrie

Sweater: Thrifted // Dress: Urban Outfitters // Boots: Simmi Shoes // Rings: Threadscence