The first day of February is here, and everything Valentine's-Day-related is being pushed into all of our faces.

Do I care? Eh. Raleigh and I have never really been one to celebrate the holiday. We prefer staying in to watch Netflix - which yes, I admit is something we do on the regular. But I like to think that we celebrate our relationship everyday. It's in all the little things.

Him charging my phone without me having to ask. Me putting toothpaste on his toothbrush while I have the tube out already. Holding hands while driving. Always saying "Good morning" and "Good night."

No, I don't really believe in V-day cards and bouquets of red roses and pink hearts on everything from cookies to stationary to room decor. But I do believe in trying your hardest to not take the person you love for granted. Thanking them for their support. Making sure that they know that, while they might leave this earth never doing something that will change the entire world, they've certainly made a difference in mine.

 xx Audrie

Top: 2020AVE // Denim: Zara // Shoes; Converse // Henna Tattoo: MyKitsch