My style has always been on the grungier side, but ever since making the move back to SoCal, I find myself gravitating more to the bohemian side of the spectrum. With my recent engagement, endless Pinterest boards of wedding braids and flowy/lacy silhouettes have also been a huge inspiration for pushing my style into the free spirit/wild child category. That being said, jeans haven't really been a staple on my radar.

However, when I saw this flared pair from Parker Smith, I knew I had to try it out. I've never been one for bell bottoms until this year - and after putting on these babes, I'm definitely a fan. If you know me well, you know that pants aren't really my favorite thing to wear (too itchy) - and I honestly love showing a little leg as often as I can. So you can imagine my suprise at HOW FREAKING SOFT THESE ARE. I'm not going to get too into detail, but let's just say that when these first arrived in the mail, I wouldn't take them off for a few days (overshare, much?).

Since the flare vibes were much too strong, a lacy top with bell sleeves was just the right choice for me. Completed with heeled boots, a wrap-around choker, and gemstone accessories - I'd say that this 'fit is my take on what my mom probably wore as a teen. Now if I could only get this pair in every wash imaginable, that would be great...

xx Audrie

Necklace: DIY // Top: Hollister // Belt: Thrifted // Bottoms: Parker Smith Jeans // Shoes: Simmi Shoes // Ring: Barse Jewelry // Bag: Stela 9