Whenever I think of floral prints, I immediately envision that scene in The Devil Wears Prada where Meryl Streep refers to them as "groundbreaking." While the floral pattern may not be anything new, there is something soft, sweet, and decidedly feminine about them that I can't ignore.


More and more often, my personal style is described as dark and moody - and while that may be true 99% of the time - that doesn't mean I'm not drawn to pretty pieces such as this ethereal number from Lifestyle Clothiers. The cream color adds a brightness that is decidedly lacking in my wardrobe and paired with thigh high platform heel Simmi Shoes, I think the edginess most of you have grown used to seeing on me is still there - just in a more subtle way.

Lastly? Accessories. Chokers are just a given when it comes to my outfits. I don't really know what else to say about that - I just love the look. I have a few pieces of suede cord on my jewelry display, and I've been researching different ways to tie them around the neck. I have to say that this dainty bow has been pullin' on my heart strings, while my rings and things are all Barse these days.

Now if the Southern California could just cool down and turn into fall now, that would be perfect.

xx Audrie 

Choker: DIY // Dress: Lifestyle Clothiers // Boots: Simmi Shoes // Jewelry: Barse