The busier I get, the more coffee I seem to consume - so I thought it would be fun to share a little gem I found on Instagram: Stereoscope Coffee

With a minimalistic aesthetic and open space design (with furniture the owner admitted to building mostly themselves), I felt like I was stepping into coffee nirvana visiting this coffee shop in Buena Park. I got the chance to talk with the owner, Leif, and I have nothing but good things to say, like:

1. They roast their beans every morning. Fresh beans = really great tasting coffee, every day, all the time.

2. Instead of a giant drip brew (aka brewing in bulk), they do a pour-over for every single black coffee order. Brewed to order basically means INSANELY GOOD.

3.Their espresso is served over hot water so you can taste every node or different flavor in the espresso (kind of like a mini Americano). Yum!

4. Their matcha is extremely fresh - sent directly from a farm that the owner knows personally. If you get the chance to taste their Matcha Latte - you seriously won't be disappointed. Not too sweet, but extremely flavorful.

5. My latte art lasted until the last sip, which demonstrates perfectly steamed microfoam.

In conclusion?

This place came as a pleasant surprise to me, and I can't wait to go back. You guys know I have a thing for decor, and this space was a combination of inviting yet minimalist (sometimes minimalism can feel a bit cold to me - not the case here). The same can also be said for the nature of their coffee. Very well made and served in an almost cozy manner, yet super simple. You won't find any orders for a "Trenta, no-foam, five shot, half-caf, no foam, Pumpkin Spice Latte, with no foam at 210 degrees" here.

Location: Stereoscope Coffee

Dress: Irene's Story // Boots: EGO // Bag: Stela9

xx Audrie