Whenever I'm in a mood (or feel like I have absolutely nothing to wear), I rely on a monochromatic outfit to pull me through the day. This gloomy yet super hot California weather has been bummin' me out lately (seriously, where is fall?!), so I put together this black and white outfit as a reflection of my inner vibes. 

Wearing a button-up underneath a sweater is like, a law of mine in the fall and winter time, but I opted for a bit of an edge with a longer hem and itty-bitty matching white shorts to hide my lady goods. Over-the-knee socks played up that preppy school girl vibe I love oh-so-much, while basic chelsea boots, a black fedora, and a simple black crossbody had me singing the "Addams Family" theme song. Taking it one step further with dark red lipstick ("Media" by MAC) and my silver hoops also made it feel more grunge and less Wednesday.

All those in favor? Say "I."

xx Audrie

Hat: Urban Outfitters // Sweater: Triple Thread // Button Up: Forever 21// Shorts: Thrifted //  Bag: Thrifted // Socks: Uniqlo // Shoes: Thrifted