I've never shot with another person before - Raleigh and I are usually just a team of two. However, when I met Vincent of Myself Vincent - I just knew we had to collaborate. I met Vincent through StyleCon (you can purchase tickets to come hang out with us on November 7th in Orange County here), and we bonded over our ethnicity (pinoy power) and genuine love of content creating.

He had the idea to do a spooky all-black-outfit shoot together based off the moody filters I like to add to my pictures on Instagram and once the three of us got together, we just took turns art directing and coming out with some shots that I thought were just killer! Huge thank you to my one and only Raleigh Wilson for being the best boyfriend in the world and to Vincent for bringing his fierce face to every single frame.

xx Audrie

Male: Myself Vincent // Location: Eader Elementary School